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Terms & Conditions
 # Terms & Conditions
§1 General -- scope

1. The business conditions apply to all present and future business relations.

2. Consumers according to the business conditions are, with which individual persons in business a relation is kicked without these a commercial or independent professional one Activity can be charged. Businessmen according to the business conditions are individual or legal entities or legally responsible partnerships with which you get in business relations this one in Trading practice of a commercial or independent professional activity. Both consumers and businessmen are customer according to the business conditions.

3. Differing, standing contrary or supplementary general Terms and Conditions are agreed even at knowledge, not contract component, unless her validity particularly gets written.

§2 Contract end

1. Our offers are without engagement. Technical changes in form, color and/or weight be left in the context of the reasonable on.

2. Wanting to purchase obligatory, the product ordered with the order of a product explained of the news. We are authorized to accept the contract offer being the order on entrance among us within two weeks. The acceptance can either in writing or by delivery be explained to the product to the customer.

3. If the consumer orders the product on an electronic way, we will immediately confirm the entrance to the order. The entrance confirmation doesn't represent any obligatory acceptance of the order yet. The entrance confirmation can be combined with the declaration of acceptance.

4. The contract end is the right and punctual himself-supplying by our suppliers made under the reservation. This only applies particularly at conclusion of a congruent hedging transaction with our supplier to case that the non-delivery doesn't have to be represented by us. The customer is immediately informed about the non-availability of the performance. The counter-performance is immediately refunded.

5. Provided that the consumer orders the product on an electronic way, the contract text is saved and sent to the customer on desire together with the sales and delivery conditions on hand by e-mail by us.

§3 Reservation of title

1. At contracts with consumers we reserve the property for us at the product until the fully permanent payment of the selling price. At contracts with businessmen we reserve the property for us at the product up to the fully permanent settlement of all demands from regular business relations.
§4 Revocation and right of return

1. The return of chemicals, danger good is and fragile for products these are in principle excluded marked with one (*Non stick) like all articles. Non stick articles are extra items this one (SES) for the customer (or unite a certain order, has ordered (produced). Our offers like also our invoices contain the remark (*Non stick article)

2. Provided that the reason for the return doesn't have to be represented by us, we levy storage charges of 20% of the selling price.

3. The consumer bears the costs of the return unless the delivered product doesn't correspond to the ordered product.

4. The consumer has to provide a value substitute for a deterioration resulted the Ingebrauchnahme as agreed for the product. The consumer may check the product carefully and carefully. The depreciation which leads to it by the use going beyond the pure examination can be sold, has to carry the consumer that the product no more than "new".

§5 Compensation

1. The offered selling price is definite (limited if necessary). The legal sales tax is contained in the selling price. At the consignment purchase the selling price is plus the transportation costs it is this one the product is delivery offered of the news can free house do the selling price by cash on delivery, transfer after receipt of invoice or pre-register to this one. The customer is pointed out to our terms of payment individually in his offer and accepts the given terms of payment with his order.

§6 Transition danger

1. If the buyer is a businessman or consumer, danger of the coincidental decline and the coincidental deterioration of the product changes for you with the handing over at the consignment purchase with the delivery of the thing to the forwarding agent, the carrier, or the person intended for the execution of the consignment otherwise or institution on the buyer.

§7 Guarantee

1. If the buyer is a businessman, we guarantee defects next to the product after our choice by improvement or substitute delivery.

2. The buyer is consumer, he has the choice at first so whether the after-fulfillment by after-recovery or substitute delivery shall be made. We are, however, authorized to refuse the chosen after-fulfillment the type if she is possible only with unverhältnismäßigen costs and the other type of the after-fulfillment remains without considerable disadvantages for the consumer.

3. In principle, if the after-fulfillment fails, the customer can demand reduction of the compensation (reduction) or Rückgängigmachung of the contract (resignation) after his choice. At an only insignificant contract adversity particularly at only slight defects no right of withdrawal is entitled to the customer, however.

4. Businessmen must report obvious defects to us in writing within a period of two weeks as of receipt of the product; otherwise the Geltendmachung of the liability performance claim is excluded. For the period preservation the punctual dispatch suffices. The full burden of proof meets the businessman for all claim prerequisites particularly for the defect of alone, for the time of the observation of the defect and for which right zeitigkeit of the defect reprimand. Consumers must inform us about obvious defects in writing within a period of two months after the time at which the condition of the product contrary to the terms of the contract was established. For the preservation of the period substantial is the entrance of the information with us. If the consumer refrains from this information, the guarantee rights expire two months after his remark of the defect. This doesn't apply to cunning of the seller. The burden of proof for the time of the observation of the defect meets the consumer. If the consumer was made by inappropriate manufacturer statements concerning sale of the thing, the burden of proof meets him for his purchase decision. The burden of proof meets the consumer at second-hand goods for the Mangelhaftigkeit of the thing.

5. If the customer chooses the resignation of the contract because of a right or material defect after failed after-fulfillment, no claim for compensation is entitled to him besides this because of the defect. If the customer chooses compensation after failed after-fulfillment, the product remains with the customer if this is reasonable for him. The compensation confines itself to the difference between selling price and value of the unsatisfactory thing. This isn't valid if we have caused the contract injury cunningly.

6. For enterprises the guarantee period is a year as of delivery of the product. For Ver-braucher the limitation period is two years as of delivery of the product. The limitation period is half a year at second-hand things as of delivery of the product. This isn't valid Ziff, if the customer hasn't reported the defect to us on time (. 4 of this regulation).

7. In principle, if the buyer is a businessman, only the product description of the manufacturer is regarded as composition of the product as agreed. Public remarks, extollings or recruitment of the manufacturer don't represent any quality description of the product as stipulated in the contract besides this.

8. If the customer receives unsatisfactory assembly instructions, we are merely for the delivery of defect liberal assembly instructions engaged and this only, too, when the defect of the assembly instructions stands contrary to the proper assembly.

9. The customer doesn't get guarantees in the on the right meaning through us. Manufacturer guarantees remain untouched of this.

§8 Limitations of liability

1. At easily negligent breaches of duty our skid resistance itself confines foreseeable, contract typical, immediate average damage to it according to the way of the product. This also applies to easily negligent breaches of duty of our legal representatives or fulfillment assistants. We are not legally responsible to businessmen at easily negligent injury of insignificant contractual duties.

2. The prominent limitations of liability don't concern claims of the customer from product liability.

3. Claims for compensation of the customer because of a defect are in lapse after a year as of delivery of the product. This isn't valid if cunning is reproachable for us.

§9 End regulations

1. The right of the Federal Republic of Germany is valid it. The regulations of the Un purchase right aren't applied.

2. If the customer is a merchant, legal entity of the public law or public right liches separate property, an exclusive place of jurisdiction is our business seat for all disputes from this contract. The same is valid if the customer doesn't have any general place of jurisdiction in Germany or place of residence or ordinary stay in the time isn't known to the complaint elevation.

3. If single terms of the contract should completely or partly be or get ineffective with the customer including these general Terms and Conditions, then the validity of the other regulations isn't touched by it. The completely or partly ineffective regulation shall be replaced by a regulation, this the economic success if possible gets close to the ineffective one.

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